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A Catalyser in the Coalition's Ambitions

With effect from October 2023, the CoARA Boost project started rolling out. This is an EU funded project with a duration of three years and a volume of about 5 million € whereof more than half of it to be further distributed in cascaded funding. CoARA Boost manifests a catalyser in enhancing the operational capacity of CoARA. It is therefore decisive in the global growth of the reform dedicated community, the further amplification of collaboration and the enhancement of knowledge exchange and mutual learning across the coalition.

Expected Outcomes and Scope

Embedded within the operational structure of the coalition, the CoARA Boost project has a pivotal role in advancing CoARA’s mission in the worldwide reform of assessment of research, researchers, and research organisations with the intent to recognise diverse outputs, practices and activities that will maximise the overall quality and impact of research. The initiative provides critical means to bolster CoARA’s ramp-up and is opening new pathways for research assessment models and policies.

Main actions of the CoARA Boost project include:

  • Strengthening the operational support to the coalition, including the sharing of information and knowledge, awareness raising
  • Cascading grant mechanism to contribute to institutional changes to a significant number of organisations of different types and across geographical areas; at least 50 projects will be funded from a total budget of 2.75 million €
  • Contributing to the implementation of institutional changes for reforming research assessment, including supporting signatories in compiling and executing on their action plans towards the achievement of the agreed 10 commitments
  • Providing assistance to Working Groups in their exploration of new models of research assessment
  • Expanding the outreach of European efforts to reform research assessment by growing the membership of CoARA globally and enforcing international cooperation on evolutions in research assessment

Network of Partners

The European Science Foundation (ESF serves as the coordinator of the CoARA Boost initiative. ESF, along with a strong network of partners (listed on the right-hand side), are collaborating closely in advancing the coalition’s objectives and accomplishing the CoARA Boost project.

Overview of Work Packages:



Find additional information in the Press Release: CoARA Boost Project to Accelerate the Coalition’s Operational Capacity, 8th Nov 2023

We are pleased that we are now equipped with the means to accelerate CoARA’s ambitions benefitting from this significant operational boost. The grant represents a recognition of the pressing need to change research assessment cultures globally towards more diverse, more equitable proxies that are well aligned with how high-quality research is done in present-day academia.

Erzsébet Toth Czifra

CoARA Head of Programme

The European Science Foundation is the selected partner in hosting the coalition’s secretariat, and therefore has the key role in coordinating the CoARA Boost project. We are very proud of the recognition ESF receives as a long-standing reliable partner in science and being entrusted with effectively running the operations of CoARA, together with this strong network of expert partners.

Nicolas Walter

European Science Foundation Chief Executive Officer

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