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The governing and supporting bodies of the CoARA provide the environment to support the participation of the individual members, and the work of the Working Groups and General Assembly of Members. They ensure that the organisational perspective remains focused on the longer term aims of the CoARA.

The bodies of the CoARA support the participation of the individual members and the Coalition work

The CoARA Governing Bodies are:

  • The General Assembly of Members: All member organisations are entitled to participate in a General Assembly. The General Assembly is the representative organ of the Coalition. It elects a Chair and elects Steering Board members. It approves the overall strategy guiding the operations and activities of the Coalition as a whole, approves the annual work plan and budget, and decides on the Coalition Secretariat.
  • The Steering Board: The CoARA Steering Board is made of a total of maximum 11 members, including a Chair and up to two Vice-Chairs. The Steering Board is a collegial body, that aims to take its decisions by consensus, otherwise the Chair may organise votes. The Steering Board is responsible for the overall oversight, strategy, work plan and sustainability of the CoARA. The Steering Board is acting and deciding on input from the CoARA members and other Coalition bodies. Members of the Steering Board originate from a diverse set of organisation types.

The CoARA Supporting Body is:

  • The Coalition Secretariat: The Coalition Secretariat supports the administrative, managerial, logistical, communication, engagement, networking, outreach, leadership and other activities of the CoARA, with corresponding competencies. The Coalition Secretariat is hosted by one or more existing legal entities willing to do so. This allows the CoARA to receive and manage funds for its operation. Based on the needs, evolution and demonstrated value of the CoARA, it may acquire legal capacity at a later stage.

Member organisations, as well as CoARA governing and supporting bodies are required to subscribe to the Guiding Principles in the CoARA Governance Document and abide to the CoARA Code of Conduct.

Governance documents for the Coalition have been prepared with the Assembly of future Coalition members.

These documents have been approved during the first General Assembly meeting of the Coalition (the ”Constitutive Assembly”) on 1st December 2022.

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