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More than 500 signatories to the Agreement on Research Assessment

Growing endorsement for CoARA

To this day, March 29 2023, CoARA exceeds the threshold of 500 organisations having signed the agreement  – and the counting continues. This is a good achievement given the short term passed since the Coalition’s inauguration in only December 2022. Find all signatories here. With the signature, a vision is shared on assessment of research, researchers and research organisations recognising diverse outputs, practices and activities that maximise the quality and impact of research.


There are good reasons to sign the agreement:
  • An opportunity to publicly signal the willingness of organisations to reform research assessment
  • Recognise and implement all 10 commitments as far as they are applicable
  • Agree to contribute to the reform and share progress with each other and the community
  • Become eligible for the CoARA membership


Why becoming a Coalition member?
  • Support the reform of research assessment
  • Exchange knowledge, test and pilot ideas, find support from peers, and work together
    to advance reforming research assessment through participation in working groups
  • Initiate and benefit from communities of practice on subjects of your choice
  • Help members less advanced in the reform, or at an early stage in this process, to identify and learn from successful ideas and practices in organisations that are further advanced
  • Give a platform those with more advanced assessment practices to share their expertise
  • Support the development of a coherent assessment ecosystem
    and keep improving evaluation methods


Join CoARA

If you consider signing the agreement and becoming a member, please find more information here, and reach out to the CoARA secretariat in case of uncertainties. CoARA is open to organisations from across the world, including organisations without legal personality.

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