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Formation of first CoARA Working Groups and National Chapters

The Coalition’s ambition of reforming the current environment of research assessment sees a significant step forward with the very first Working Groups and National Chapters being appointed from the pool of submitted proposals.

Working Groups are central to CoARA’s mission to enable systemic reform of research assessment. Based on a bottom-up approach with members’ voluntary involvement, Working Groups operate as ’communities of practice’, providing mutual learning and collaboration on specific areas. Participating members will exchange knowledge, learn from each other’s experience, discuss and develop outputs to advance research assessment and support the implementation of members’ commitments. In response to the quality of the proposals submitted, and the view expressed at the June General Assembly to accommodate all high-quality Working Group proposals aligned with CoARA’s vision and mission, the Steering Board has decided to build capacity to accommodate a larger number of proposals than originally anticipated for its first year of operation. The CoARA Steering Board is thus pleased to announce that ten Working Groups and the first five National Chapters have been approved to start their activities as part of CoARA. Some proposals have been given detailed feedback to help revise them for a potential resubmission, and others are being invited to work with CoARA in a different way.


National Chapters



Lead (Proposer)
Italy Alberto Credi

Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna


Norway Ragnar Lie

Universities Norway


Poland Stanislaw Kistryn

Jagiellonian University


Spain Crue

The Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities


Ukraine Oleksandr Berezko

Institute for Open Science and Innovation


Working Groups



Lead (Proposer)
Supporting the alignment of research assessment systems with CoARA in biomedical disciplines through administrative reforms and governance


Miriam Kip

Charité Universitaetsmedizin Berlin

Towards Open Infrastructures for Responsible Research Assessment


Natalia Manola


Improving practices in the assessment of research proposals


Michael Arentoft

European Commission

Reforming Academic Career Assessment (ACA)


Rita Morais

European University Association (EUA)


Early-and-mid-Career Researchers (EMCRs) – Assessment and Research Culture


Sebastian Dahle


Experiments in Assessment – Idea generation, co-creation, and piloting


Sean Sapcariu

Luxembourg National Research Fund

Recognizing and Rewarding Peer Review


Johan Rooryck

cOAlition S


Multilingualism and language biases in research assessment


Janne Pölönen

Federation of Finnish Learned Societies

Responsible metrics and indicators


Katarzyna Nawrot

Poznan University of Economics and Business


Felix Schönbrodt

German Psychological Society


Towards Transformations: Transdisciplinarity, Applied/Practice-Based Research, and Impacts


Marc Wolfram

Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development


Raimund Bleischwitz

Leibniz Association


Thomas Brunotte

Hochschullehrerbund Bundesvereinigung


Martin Jaekel

Zurich University of Applied Sciences


All Working Groups and National Chapters are open for more CoARA members to join!

From September onwards, you will find on the CoARA website under the subpage “Working Groups and National Chapters” additional information on the individual Working Groups and National Chapters, including a summary and a contact point through which CoARA members can express their interest in joining.


The 2023 Call for Working Groups and National Chapters remains open

In autumn 2023, there will be a second (and final for this year) cut-off date for Working Group proposals, which will be reviewed by the Steering Board by the end of 2023 (dates to be announced). National Chapter proposals can be submitted at any time, and proposals will be reviewed on a monthly basis by the Steering Board. Any questions in the meantime can be addressed to:




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