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Latest Updates on CoARA Working Groups’ Activities

Working Groups are fundamental pillars of CoARA. They create inclusive partnerships  and co-produce solutions and resources that signatories and  members of the coalition can rely on in their efforts in implementing the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment (ARRA) commitments. Below you can find an update on current activities and paths to engage with them. 

Working Group on Ethics and Research Integrity Policy in Responsible Research Assessment for Data and Artificial Intelligence

CoARA’s Working Group on Ethics and Research Integrity Policy in Responsible Research Assessment for Data and Artificial Intelligence (ERIP) will convene for its first meeting on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, from 12:00 to 14:00 (CET). The event will be held virtually on Zoom and onsite at the Royal Academy for Science and the Arts of Belgium in Brussels. ALLEA, The European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities, and ENRIO, the European Network of Research Integrity Offices, are hosting the ERIP launch meeting.

The CoARA ERIP Working Group develops the integration of research ethics and research integrity into digital policy, methods, and tools for advancing research evaluation regarding data and AI. The meeting will discuss the organisation of the Working Group and its work plan, which focuses on achieving three key objectives:

1. The development of policy, methods, and tools to ensure the ethics and integrity of scientific methods and outputs in the framework of data and AI applications that support the assessment of digital contributions to science and education.
2. The development of a toolkit for the implementation of best practices in research assessment involving data and AI.
3. Pursuing an outreach programme promoting policy, methods, and tools for institutional and societal change based on a culture of responsible research evaluation regarding data and AI.

Who can participate? The meeting is open to all interested in joining ERIP or learning how their educational or scientific institution could collaborate with it. Find more information here and register for the launch meeting here.

Working Group on Reforming Academic Career Assessment

The CoARA Working Group on Reforming Academic Career Assessment (ACA) is based on the premise that ACA systems should adequately reflect the different tasks, functions and roles academics fulfil over the course of their career. The aim is to broaden the reflection on research assessment to ACA, taking into account the full range of work conducted by academics in research, teaching and learning, innovation, management/leadership and service to society.

The European University Association (EUA) organised a webinar to introduce the CoARA ACA Working Group and its recent activities. You can watch the webinar on CoARA’s YouTube channel by clicking here.

The CoARA ACA Working Group seeks your input in a survey. The survey addresses existing initiatives to review academic career assessment for the recruitment, performance evaluation, and career progression of academic staff. It is open to all higher education and research organisations worldwide. Your experience can guide others in their reform journeys. The survey closes on 5 April 2024. Read more and add insights from your institution here: Call for contributions: survey on Reforming Academic Career Assessment.

Working Group on Multilingualism and Language Biases in Research Assessment

By addressing language diversity and biases in assessment, this CoARA Working Group supports the EU (and other) institutions in fulfilling their duty to enhance, promote and uphold linguistic equity, diversity and non-discrimination in Europe and globally. This requires fostering an academic culture that values diverse competencies, interactions and communications in all languages without exclusions or priorities.

The CoARA Working Group is organising a seminar and workshop on April 4th and 5th, 2024, hosted by the European Civil Society Platform for Multilingualism (ECSPM). The seminar – on Thursday 4th of April – intends to bring together ECSPM scholars working on multilingualism, academics and researchers from other fields, as well as technology and publishing professionals to discuss issues related to:
1. The generation of valid and reliable criteria for the assessment of multi-/plurilingual teaching and learning, research, and academic publishing;
2. Best practices and the development of tools, guidelines, and models for recognizing, monitoring, and supporting multi-/plurilingual practices in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

At the workshop, on Friday, April 5th, members of the CoARA Multilingualism Working Group, including ECSPM, will collaborate to compose a project proposal on multilingualism and language bias in scientific research, publications, and communication to be submitted for EU funding. To find more details, please follow the link here.


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