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Save the date: CoARA General Assembly

The Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) will host the next General Assembly on the 15th December 2023, 10:00 – 13:00 CET. Legal representatives of CoARA members are invited to participate.

CoARA announced the upcoming General Assembly is scheduled to take place on the 15th of December 2023 . The event will serve as a forum for CoARA members to convene, discuss, and shape the future course of the coalition. The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body within the bottom-up community-driven coalition.


Who is invited to the General Assembly?

Participation at the General Assembly is limited to one legal representative per member organisation. As legal contact points of your organisation, you are your organisation’s representative with voting right invited to the General Assembly.


The General Assembly: the highest decision-making body

As stated in CoARA Governance Documents, the General Assembly represents all the member organisations of the CoARA and is the highest-level decision-making body of the Coalition. All member organisations are entitled to participate in the General Assembly.
Significant functions are assigned to the General Assembly: it is the General Assembly that elects a Chair and Steering Board members. It approves the overall strategy guiding the operations and activities of the Coalition as a whole, approves the annual work plan and budget, and decides on the Coalition Secretariat.


Signatories can become members

Signatories of CoARA can elevate their status to membership ahead of the event, if they wish to participate. Signatories can become members of the coalition without any fees, simply by filling out the following form, signing once again the agreement, and indicating the desire to become CoARA member:


Programme and agenda items

The agenda, meeting documents and registration link will be communicated shortly.


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