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CoARA General Assembly Concludes with Election of New Steering Board

CoARA is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the CoARA (Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment) General Assembly held on 15th December 2023. The meeting gathered representatives from member organisations globally to deliberate on key issues, share insights, and make decisions to shape the future of the coalition.


Key Highlights:

Election of a new Steering Board

At this General Assembly a new CoARA Steering Board has been elected. We congratulate the following individuals on their election to key positions:

Overview Steering Board Members 15th December 2023 onwards


The newly elected board members bring a wealth of experience and expertise in the research assessment area, and we look forward to their contributions in steering CoARA to further progress of the coalition’s objectives.

We would like to express sincere gratitude to Steering Board members whose mandate has ended. Over the past twelve months their hard work to advance the coalition has left significant marks in the reform of research assessment. We hope they will continue to support CoARA in new capacities.


First Operational Working Groups

In 2023 for the first time the coalition called for Working Group proposals. This call resulted in ten working groups following the first round (click here), and during this General Assembly additional three working groups resulting from the second round were announced. The second round working groups are expected to launch operations in Q1 2024:

– Ethics and Research Integrity Policy in Responsible Research Assessment for Data and Artificial Intelligence (ERIP)
– TIER – Towards an Inclusive Evaluation of Research
– Global framework for research evaluation in the social sciences and the humanities (SSH)


Growing Support on National Level: Formation of National Chapters

By the end of 2023, CoARA counts eleven National Chapters. National Chapters facilitate exchange of knowledge, mutual learning and discussions on CoARA-relevant issues within a given country. During this General Assembly, two National Chapters with a particular wide net of member organisations presented their work: the CoARA National Chapter of Poland (48 member organisations*) and the CoARA National Chapter of Italy (59 member organisations*).     * count as per 15th December 2023


CoARA Boost – Catalyser project for the coalition

In autumn 2023 CoARA Boost was launched – a three-year duration project funded by the European Union. CoARA Boost has a volume of about 5 million € whereof 2.75 million € will be further distributed in cascaded funding. Find more info here.


Global Perspectives on Research Assessment – Guest Speaker Prof. David McCoy

The coalition’s global expansion moved significantly forward in 2023. CoARA successfully achieved the set milestone of having at least one member on each continent by the end of 2023.
Guest speaker Prof. David McCoy, Evidence to Policy Lead at the United Nations University International Institute for Global Health delivered a poignant presentation of his work in global public health. In this context McCoy addressed the adverse effects of global university rankings.


Fuelled with newly formed working groups and national chapters, CoARA is continuing its journey in 2024 dedicated to broadening the coalition at a global level and to move forward in the reform of research assessment. Members can already mark the following date in their calendars: The next General Assembly will take place June 12th 2024 at 13:30 (CEST).  The CoARA secretariat extends a sincere appreciation to all contributions to CoARA in 2023 and looks forward to pursuing the coalition’s expansion in the upcoming year.


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