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Call 2023 for Working Groups and National Chapters

Working Groups are central to CoARA’s mission to enable systemic reform of research assessment. Based on a bottom-up approach with members’ voluntary involvement, Working Groups operate as ’communities of practice’, providing mutual learning and collaboration on specific thematic areas. Participating members exchange knowledge, learn from each other’s experience, discuss and develop outputs to advance research assessment and support the implementation of members’ commitments.


Please note that for now Working Groups are open to CoARA members only.

If you would like to join the Coalition as a member, please follow the link here to sign up. If you are already signatory and would like to become a member, please contact the CoARA secretariat.

First Call for Working Groups Proposals

On 28 March 2023, CoARA launched  its first call for Coalition members to propose Working Groups. This is a significant step in CoARA’s mission to enable systemic reform of research assessment and thereby providing a common direction. This call  welcomes all CoARA members and will hopefully be responded by a broad range of Coalition members, to hold diverse and robust exchanges of knowledge, learn from manifold experiences and result in outputs that will help CoARA members in actualising the commitments agreed upon when becoming a member of the Coalition. This call is structured in two cycles of submissions with the first selection following the deadline for full proposals on June 6th, and a second selection on November 9th.

The submission process is structured in three stages: The submission of Expression of Interest (latest by 2nd October CEST midnight), community discussion, leading to the submission of a full Working Group proposal (by 9th November CEST midnight). There are three types of Working Groups this call addresses: interest communities, discipline communities, and institution communities.

Working Groups are expected to add value to what is already being done within the community. Key is also to strive for collaboration and seek synergies. Working Groups are expected to be inclusive, involving organisations of varying types and sizes, and from different geographical areas. The inclusion of a wide range of experience level and participation of researchers at all career stages should be sought too.


Have a look on the Documentation and Forms page to receive detailed information on criteria and instructions on how to submit your proposal.



Timeline for the second round of Working Group proposal submissions of the 2023 Call:

Brokerage Event 16th Oct 2023 14:00 (Online)

For the second time this year the CoARA Secretariat hosts a Brokerage Event. This event provides a unique opportunity to present your ideas for potential Working Groups to the CoARA community, and find collaborators for the further development of your proposals. The event will be online, open to all individuals affiliated with a CoARA member organisation (and explicitly not limited to proposers).

Follow the link below to register for the event. The online access will be provided in October (following the Expression of Interest submission deadline).

Register for the Brokerage Event 16 Oct 2023 14:00

National Chapters

With this Call also for the first time proposals for National Chapters are asked to be submitted. National Chapters will contribute to CoARA’s work by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, mutual learning and discussions on CoARA-relevant issues specific to different types of organisations of a given countryAny CoARA member from the given country can participate in the call for their respective National Chapter.

Contrary to the Working Groups proposals, there will be no fixed cut-off date for the submission of National Chapter proposals; proposals submitted will be collected and processed on a monthly basis. Also there is no limit as to the number of National Chapters that can be approved, however the maximum per country is one. 

Please find criteria on the approval of National Chapters outlined in the Call document

Watch the videos with helpful instructions on the call process:

(Presentation given at a Science Europe-organised webinar on 14 April 2023)

Introduction of the Proposal Call 2023

Call Process 2023

Points of Consideration for the Proposal Call 2023


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